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Marina Naydenko
Sunny fashion guru

✔ A fashion analyst and historian, mentor, image maker, certified coach

✔  Three higher education

✔  Experience of 17 years, of which 6 in Milan

✔  Founder of Naydenko Academy, mother of 6700 stylists from 12 countries

✔  Author of educational programs (20 courses and 50 trainings). I conduct trainings all over the world in 3 languages

✔  TV presenter, event organizer and speaker

I am preparing for the opening of the fashion museum


I advise Ukrainian and international brands. From personal consultation to the creation of collections, campaigns, fashion events,

training of managers and employees

 I make people happier, more confident and teach the purpose of life and the skill of "here and now"

✔ Thousands of cases of successful stories of satisfied customers and students.

✔ 95% of customers trust us for years.

"I studied with market leaders in Italy, America, Great Britain, France, Israel and Japan, I personally built my experience and business. Together with me, you will achieve your desired result comfortably and qualitatively.

Our Academy is bright colors in your every day. Students call me sunny, I know how to inspire you to change and make sure that each of you reaches your maximum.

You can choose a new profession, a course for yourself or the knowledge your business needs. There are no age or gender restrictions!

All programs are designed in such a way that you can immediately apply the acquired knowledge. By the way, I have a separate education based on the method of teaching adults.

Long-term courses have the option of paying in installments - that's why dreams of new changes are always real!

And every student and client of ours falls into the field of care. You can always, even after graduation, write and receive feedback from me personally. I know how important it is at the beginning of the journey."

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