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Terms of payment


Payment is made to the bank details of the Performer or through the Fondy payment service (clause 6.3. Public offer).


The reliability of Fondy is confirmed by the Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode certificates. More details - on the site https: // .


For each product on the site, the actual price in hryvnia is indicated, and next to it - the equivalent price in Euro.


When paying in foreign currency to the bank details of the Performer, the value specified in Euro is used. When paying in US dollars, the price is calculated at the Euro exchange rate on the date of invoicing.


When paying through Fondy, the price specified in hryvnia is used and any Mastercard / VISA cards in any currency are accepted, since regardless of the currency of the card, during the transaction, conversion to hryvnia will take place at the exchange rate of the issuing bank of your card. To find out the exact amount of the debit in the currency of your card, check the hryvnia exchange rate on the date of the transaction in the bank.


After providing access to the course materials, the funds credited to the bank account of the Performer are not returned to the Customer and are not compensated (clause 6.4. Public offer).


If the Customer refuses the training before the start of the Course, the Contractor will return the paid amount (clause 6.6 of the Public Offer).


Access to the paid course is preserved for three months after the end of the course (clause 2.4. Public offer).


If you have any questions related to payment, or you did not get access to the course materials, contact us in a way convenient for you (see "Contacts").


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