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Персональный стилист
Обучение стилю
Personal Stylist

  Anna:  21.02.2016 22:16  

"I learned and continue to receive knowledge from the wonderful, sunny stylist Marina Naydenko. This person not only teaches, but also promotes her students on the career ladder. She inspires new ideas. From Maryna, you will not only receive knowledge, but also excellent experience, which will be useful in your future work. Whatever you receive from Marina, be it services or training, you will be charged with great energy and positivity. Marina, thank you for what you are!!!!!!"

Irish :   03/01/2016 13:13

"I always try to find time and an opportunity to visit Marina's style events, the latest one being the Trend Party based on the spring trends of 2016.
This is a source of inspiration, creativity, creativity for me. Thank you Marina for not being afraid to share knowledge, ideas, findings. She knows how to support and give the right "golden pendulum" that motivates you to constantly move and grow as a professional in your field :) I recommend Marina to everyone both as a personal stylist and as a mentor"

Elena Lubenskaya:   10/23/2016 11:40

"My first PersonalStylist course at Marina Naydenko's school ended only yesterday. And I'm sure it's just the beginning☺.
Marina, thank you very much for the new knowledge, mega useful material, very clear and correct structure of the lessons, and for sharing your experience and practice! For me, as for a decorated designer, there were many new discoveries, new ideas for inspiration and expansion of my creativity!"

Fashoin Design
Fashion Design
Персональный стилист
Personal Stylist

Ryzyk :   23.10.2016 15:10

"Marinochka, thank you so much for this refresher course!!! You yourself know how much I needed it! And what a wealth of information he gave me, especially practice!!! What is so lacking in the training of our profession. As always, everything basically, everything is clear! And thank you for believing in us! And support! And feedback! And that you always find a minute for advice for help, for "magic pendulum" and "sweet gingerbread":)))
To many who ask, I recommend your school, because I have once again convinced myself that it really teaches, helps and gives really high-quality general knowledge, develops potential and helps to develop the most necessary skills and feelings."

Daria Hopshansova:   10/25/2016 11:33

"Marinochka, I am grateful to you for your attention and knowledge! The personal stylist course and the training course for stylists gave a lot and will continue to bear fruit in the future) Even though I traveled to study from Kharkov, it was easy for me to overcome such a distance due to the charge of your energy The information is relevant and up-to-date, you still need to look for such a school))) all to the point! Excellent practice on models, excellent experience!"

Natali:   05/29/2018 13:38

"Today was the last lesson and presentation of the thesis on the Imagemaker course!
To say that this course gave understanding and tools for image creation and management is only a small part of what happened. After all, first of all, I began to apply the acquired knowledge to the analysis of my image, and in providing services to the client, my professionalism has grown significantly!
This is the basis that brings together all the components of the image of a person and a company. The course contains a lot of visual, practical material, as well as useful information that you need to know in order to understand the essence of image.
I'm glad I turned to Maryna Naidenko!"

Olga Belous:   31.05.2018 17:52

"Another exciting, motivating and high-quality "Imagemaker" course in my arsenal. Thanks to this course, I became more observant, not making hasty conclusions about unfamiliar people. And the knowledge gained is absolutely applicable in everyday life. Simple presentation + interesting presentation of the material + professional motivator Marina = desire to learn and develop!!! Thank you for the opportunity to be better and reveal yourself from different sides!!!!!!"

Natali Bebeshko:  10/20/2018 12:23

"Marina, I would like to thank you for the very cool course "Photography Stylist". I am so delighted. Each lecture is a whole world into which you immerse yourself and forget about everything else. It would seem that the course is more about fashion, but it touches so much spheres of life. It would be interesting for everyone to take this course - a stylist, photographer, makeup artist, creative person and just anyone who is interested in both fashion and art. Everything is very new, interesting, informative, informative, useful, intriguing, and most importantly in such a sunny and a comfortable atmosphere. Here's the truth (and you probably noticed it yourself), but you don't want to leave when the lecture ends. Marina, you are an infinitely multifaceted person, open and bright, and so generous with the information you share (for this, a special thanks). I look forward to a new lesson, master class or training every time :)"

История модных домов и брендов
Персональный стилист

Natalia:   02/05/2019 19:48

"After completing the Fashion Business course, she received step-by-step instructions for building and implementing her unique product, and most importantly, it really works. Success is guaranteed under the skillful mentorship of Marina Naydenko. If you want to achieve success and get results, come to the training!"

Victoria:  06/23/2020 12:47

"I read a lot of information, talked to people who were on this topic, and a friend told me during the conversation that this is a real school. I decided to go to Marina Naydenko. The information is presented in a simple, interesting way. Marina helped me at all stages of my study of the basics of the world of fashion .
Marishka, thank you very much for your professionalism, rich and practical course! Everything is clear and accessible.❤️"

Tatiana:  06/23/2020 17:13

"I'm so happy that I studied with Marina Naydenko (the best teacher, sensei I've ever met). Incredible endurance, professionalism, sincerity, openness - it's all about you )
I'm waiting for a new course)"

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