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Trainings and workshops

✔ I work with international and Ukrainian companies. From individual consultations of managers to training of personnel within several countries. From a compact auditorium to a hall of several thousand. Off- and online.

 ✔ I advise stores, brands, create collection design and look-book.

 ✔ My experience of conducting master classes and trainings is 16 years. Taught more than 6,500 people from 12 countries on courses lasting from 4 months. ​


Contact us, we will find the best option for you.

Cost from £100

Development of style and image

✔ Easy and comfortable, relying on my experience you will make an important breakthrough in your life. Don't waste your time and money. Become a more confident, happier person "here and now"

The complex includes: consultation on style, image, wardrobe selection and shopping, as well as on-line support for two months. ​


✔ Result: we create a strategy for you, your business and potential. You live easily and with pleasure, as you dreamed for a long time, you create images, navigate the dress code, feel confident. And if necessary, you always have my support anywhere in the world. ​


Cost: £1000

Mentor session

✔ When there is no way out - in image, work, style, decision-making. I have 16 years of experience and more than 100 working techniques in my arsenal.

✔ Result: 1 time - 1 decision. It becomes easy to breathe, you act and, most importantly, believe in yourself and your strengths.

You can!


Cost: £50 per hour

Consultation "Image of happiness"

✔ A cocktail of my experience and knowledge for you. Don't waste time and money. Apply "here and now" 

We will develop and implement a scenario for immediate results (image, brand, style, brand strategy, design, action plan)


 ✔ Result: 3 hours - you grow wings behind your back again, get out of the routine, start to act and earn


Cost: £50 per hour

Duration from 3 hours

Consultation "Practicum"


✔ Use my experience and knowledge for your goal. From shopping to personal training in the necessary tools and skills.

✔ The result: I spent tens of thousands of euros and years - to get experience, knowledge from the powerful people of this world, and you - apply experience, not stuffing cones and saving, most importantly - your time and money. What could be cooler?!

And I'm sure that the students must outgrow the teacher, because they always go up from his level of experience, much faster!


Cost: £50 per hour

Duration from 2 hours

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